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ADAS full package bundle

ADAS full package bundle

Advanced Driver Assistance System software for existing Autel ms908, ms908Pro and elite owners included FOC if in software subscription period.*

10000851 main frame + wheel clamps + VAG-LDW board (csc0601/01)
acc mirror
csc0602/01 reflector
csc0602/06 hex wrench
csc0602/07 mini reflector
csc0600/02 supporting lane brackets
csc0601/08 honda lane maintenance pattern type 2 (left and right)
csc0601/05 honda maintenance pattern type 1
csc0601/11 & 15 toyota/lexus lane maintenance patterns 1 and 2
csc0601/09 hyundai/kia lane maintenance
csc0601/02 mercedes benz lane maintenance
csc0601/06l&r nissan/infinity lane & driveway maintenance
csc0601/07 hyundai/kia lane maintenance

* this option is possible only for an ms908, ms908pro or elite owned by an existing customer, and which must have been activated at least 2 months before purchase of an ADAS unit. Must be in valid software subscription period.

Price Includes VAT @ 20%.