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Bury cc9048 entry level handsfree

Bury cc9048 entry level handsfree


From answering phone calls to the volume control: with the fixed-position remote control, all of the basic phone calling features are at hand. For daily use, that's all you need, as the CC 9048 accesses the language selection function on your mobile phone. This means a simple voice command is enough to call the person you want. Music streaming capability. 

The Multipoint function, which enables two mobile phones to be connected to the CC 9048 at the same time, is another highlight. This is especially useful if you use both a business and a private mobile phone. 

Bury handsfree kits come complete with ISO speaker and power connectors for easy installation. If your vehicle does not have ISO connectors, or has an amplified factory audio system, you will need an additional wiring harness. In most cases, an SOT loom or "T" harness is required, this adapts the factory wiring connectors to fit the ISO leads, then back again to plug into the factory radio. We carry a large range of adaptor looms in stock, contact us for more information.