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Handsfree/Bluetooth Kits

Bury cc9068 colour

Bury cc9068 colour


Touchscreen bluetooth handsfree kit with micro usb phone charging.

The Bury cc9068 features a full colour touchscreen display allowing you to quickly access menus and features.

For additional safety it also benefits from voice commands activated via a chosen "magic word".

For entertainment, the CC9068 packs a 30w built in amplifier capable of delivering powerful bluetooth music streaming direct from your phone or compatible music device.

Need to use two phones? whether its a work and private phone or a separate phone for your "bit on the side" the Bury can pair with both at the same time, in fact, it can store up to 10 devices although only two can be paired at any one time.

For the complex user, the cc9068 can hold calls and switch between them and make conference calls between 7 participants. Quite why you would want to speak to 7 different people at the same time as trying to drive is beyond us, but should you feel the need, rest assured it can be done.

A handy feature to have is the text to speech, able to read out text messages to the user, phonebook contacts (depending on phone compatibility) all selectable via the voice commands so your eyes don't need to leave the road.

Bury handsfree kits come complete with ISO speaker and power connectors for easy installation. If your vehicle does not have ISO connectors, or has an amplified factory audio system, you will need an additional wiring harness. In most cases, an SOT loom or "T" harness is required, this adapts the factory wiring connectors to fit the ISO leads, then back again to plug into the factory radio. We carry a large range of adaptor looms in stock, contact us for more information.